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Wacom Pro Pen 3d

Working as a Lead Texture Artist you of course paint and use 3D programs alot.
The new Pro Pen 3D caught my eye and I reached out to Wacom who were kind enough to loan me one to give it a test run.

Testing Pro Pen 3D

The new Pro Pen 3D needs the pro line of either Cintiqs or Wacom tablets and I did not have these in my studio. Wacom also supplied me with both a Cintiq and a Wacon Tablet in the pro line and I decided to do my testing using the Cintiq Pro. To be fair it was a bit small for my needs when using 3D programs but I wanted to test its range of capablities. The Cintiq can handle Ultra HD 4k resolution. It was difficult to read the menus on a 16 inch screen. I guess the Cintiq 16 is more a screen you would doodle around using 2D painting programs rather then full blown VFX programs. I do have the previous version of the Cintiq 27 inch in the studio and  it’s more suited for those type of applications. I heard that there will be a big brother to the Cintiq Pro soon so this would be the perfect match.

Setup Maya

After installing the drivers and Wacom desktop center I started Maya with the default setting and it worked out of the box. Hovering above the Cintiq with the Pro pen and pressing the new pen button I tumbled the viewport. Now pressing the larger middle button I could pan the viewport and if pressed down on the Cintiq or the Wacom tablet it zoomed in and out. I must admit that I’m a long time Wacom user since the early nineties and sometimes my muscle memory kicks in. I guess its going to be a learning curve.

Mari and Zbrush setup

I’m not going to explain everything in text….so instead  I made a video to explain the process.




The New Pro Pen 3d

  • Pressure levels 8192
  • number of pen buttons : 3
  • Pen tilt recognition/range : +/- 60 degrees / 40 degrees
  • Pen carrying case included

Wacom Pro Pen 3d unboxing

did you miss the unboxing? don’t be sad it’s here!


Been testing the new Pro Pen 3d for a while now and will I get one myself after I send it back to wacom? Yes I think so. Its not the end all solution for navigating in 3D but the ability to map a function to the new pen button can help my workflow. Mari and Zbrush have its own way of handling navigation so some extra setup time is needed. Maya handled quite nice out of the box.

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