Mari Projectors and Turntables in Mari3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in chief
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Mari is all about projections as it a paintbuffer texturing program. In this tutorial we will examine the Projectors tab in Mari.

This is the place where you will import cameras from outside Mari. Maybe you are making a digi double and already have lined up cameras from a photoshoot

You can also use the projectors tab to store camera locations for easy acess later on. Or if you want to paint in photoshop and bring back into Mari to reproject text decals etc.

“The turntable tool needs a complete overhaul, Im sorry Foundry!”

Peter Aversten

Lets examine the projectors tab together

this is how you use them!

You dont have the projectors tab active in your interface?

Don’t worry. You will find it by right clicking in the menu area somewhere.

This is where you can find all tabs the is available in Mari

Here we see the projectors tab as a floating tab and a saved camera location. In my case I exorted this location as an Unproject and made the logo and text in photoshop. Later on I brought it back into the same camera and projected back onto the model.

Projectors can be a great way to add logos and design as Mari is lacking a proper text tool

More on this in the Video below 

Having lined up cameras with distortion removed is such an important part of texturing digi doubles in a fast and efficient way.

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten