Lights and HDR in Mari

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

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Meshmen Studios

“Let there be light and it was light!”

Well Mari does not have lights in biblical terms but you can use them for preview purposes. The environment light can be used to preview shading effects when using a HDR image. Mari ships with a few and you can also get some here for free.

You also have four basic point lights that can have shadows at your disposal


“HDR lights is usefull when you preview specular shading”

Peter Aversten

To be able to acess the lights you need the lights panel. You can find it by right clicking somewhere in a grey are at the top of the mari interface

Lets examine the lights!

Video tutorial Below


If you dont already have The light panel open acess it by right clicking in the top grey are of the UI


To be able to see any lights on your model and not just flat shaded you have to hit one of the shaded balls above in the UI.

by default its F1, F2, F3, where F1 is flat shaded

The light panel interface where you can enable or disable
lights. Here you can see the Env light and a point light active.

When selecting a light you get this dialog with settings for the light.


There will be free HDR images you can use in Mari  in the store section

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten