Stupid Mari tricks | The disco

I have been in many VFX facilities. Often I sit next to people with a lot of cool stuff on their desks such as action figures, anatomical studies and skeletons. You also find lava lamps and other things that inspire your fantasy. Friday around 17:00 is known as beer o’clock in the VFX industry. If you don’t have any gadgets and still want to impress your peers, follow along in this short movie where I will give you as a Texture Artist a super trick. By following my steps you can instantly convert any boring desk into the centrepoint of the hour.

Now lets bring that beer o’clock feeling and celebrate that it’s Friday!

Lets dive into Mari 4 together and take a look how we can use the new principled brdf to make that Friday feeling settle. I also utilize the rotate option on the Mari environment light.