How to use Mari Shaders

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in chief
Meshmen Studios

I use shaders in Mari as a preview for roughness and specular effects, you have a few to choose from both offline and realtime shading but I always ground my values in offline rendering checking my asset against a real rendering as you cant use real reflection and shadows in Mari. Its the limitation that everything is GPU for good or bad.

The good side, Its fast on the GPU.

“Shaders are a way to preview in Mari, but dont trust them blindly”

Peter Aversten

Untill I see my favourite renderer of choise Renderman as a shader in Mari I use the now deprecated
AI standard shader as they share roughnes values etc

this is how you do it!


This is for you Pixar! I would like to see an official port of the pxrSurface shader implemented into Mari. I know you can do it!


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Peter Aversten