Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists
Meshmen Studios

Renderman Introduction

Renderman has always been regarded as the industry standard for rendering demanding visual effects. Personally I have used it since the beginning of the 2000s in numerous roles such as a generalist, lighter and look dev artist. Now in my capacity as lead texture artist I still like to be up to date in regards to shaders and techniques. I would much rather see as little extra work as possible in look-dev and knowing the renderer makes it easier for the texture artist to produce textures that will make this possible.

“Get ready for the lookdev process using Renderman”

Peter Aversten

Episode 1 Renderman Introduction

In this first episode introduction to Renderman I run through the basic interface. I will look at the Renderman shelf, some of the lights and do a few IPR renders using the PXRsurface shader to allow the new to Renderman user to get up to speed. The course will be based in Renderman for Maya but the main rendering techniques will be similar in other Renderman interfaces. In later episodes I will start to build the basic building blocks for a monolithic shader as well as layered shader approach using the Renderman PXRsurface and layer surface shader in the Maya hyper-shade.

Yes the renderman course will feature the trusted droid once again. I will post it for download once the actual lookdev episodes is starting.

Renderman is free!

Who is wondering where to get Renderman and follow along? Pixar introduced the non commercial license a few years ago so you will be able to use it without watermarks. This is awesome as I remember when I started to use Renderman back in Sweden you could not get your hands on it and you would have to fork up an arm and a leg if you wanted to buy a copy. Time has changed and the price is now more reasonable…free is pretty good right….?

Renderman Non commercial