Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists
Meshmen Studios

Renderman 22 Lights

Im my opinion the lights in later releases of Renderman have been one of the strong points, The Renderman 22 release is no exception. The lights are really easy to operate and the number of ways you can shape them, similar to the way I would do it on set or in the studio is phenomenal.

“The light blockers are such a valuable tool”

Peter Aversten

Renderman Area Lights

In this release of Renderman you can really start to paint with your lights. The faster iteration and the fact that you can turn the Maya viewport into a Renderman viewport makes the creative process so much easier and fun. The analytic lights have very easy to use controls where they act like a soft box type light without a light modifier when created. If you need to shape the lights you can go under the refine tab and start to shape them into something similar to a spotlight. If you still need to shape the lights you can add a light blocker and achieve virtually any type of effect you would think of in a regular studio. In real world photography I often shape the lights with gobos to restrict the light and this is very easy to do with the Renderman lights. I feel very at home and treat the lighting similar to what I would have in the real world.

Light blockers

To me good lighting is not knowing how to add lights to the scene but how to take away lights. Using the different light modifiers in Renderman makes this a breeze. It’s almost like you would do it in real life

Reconstructing Rembrandt

Rembrandt is one of my old time heroes when it comes to painting. Old classical portraits often had a three light approach. A key and a rim and something to light up a pool of light behind the subject to draw the attention into the portrait. In this YouTube tutorial I will recreate this approach using first the analytic lights made into spotlights and then later on I will take advantage of the powerful Renderman light blockers. As you will see the experience is quite straight forward with the new faster response direct in the viewport.

New Renderman series from Meshmen studio

This is the first in a series of renderman related tutorials from Meshmen studio. It will lead up to look development of the gatling asset previously textured on the meshmen studio youtube channel.

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below or use #askmeshmen on twitter ”

Peter Aversten