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Renderman 22 first impressions

Renderman 22 is finally out in the wild for commercial customers, I’m one of them. The non commercial version will be released after SIGGRAPH . The Renderman 22 update brings even more streamlined UI experience but the real difference is how Pixar have updated the core and speed, of the renderer. We now can live render in more places, even in the Maya viewport! This calls for faster lookdev iterations and better hands on user experience. In an incremental upgrade Renderman will support GPU rendering and that sounds very interesting to me!

“I’m looking forward to the XPU version down the line”

Peter Aversten

A first look

As I mentioned the interface in Maya have yet again got an overhaul and starts to look minimalistic and most Renderman features are incorporated direct in the Maya UI.

Renderman 22 ships with a new integrator Unified path-tracing, in this release its still marked as experimental. On the renderman home page its listed as Pixar in house integrator. It still have same caveats with unsupported features such as Hold outs, LPE for bidirectional path-tracing and mattes might produce unexpected results. The integrator implements both forward and bi-directional path-tracing and Manifold walk.

But what am I talking about lets take it for a spin!


As you can see in the short demonstration we can now do a lot more then in previous versions and I’m sure it will improve even further when we get a extra boost when we get XPU capabilities. I really like the improved speed and I saw test during beta that looked really promising when it comes to memory footprint while rendering complex scenes. Exciting times ahead in Renderman land.

New Renderman series from Meshmen studio

Meshmen studio started off a new Renderman series not long ago using Renderman 21 so I guess I have to go forward using version 22 now as it was released earlier than I thought. Make sure to sign up for the non commercial as soon as its out and we will be on our way rendering together.

See you on the channel

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Peter Aversten