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New features in Renderman 22.1

The new Renderman 22.1 was recently released with the heavily requested non commercial license as well as a number oif other really great additions. here is a rundown and a demo video.

Denoiser in Renderman 22.1

Renderman 22.1 is out and with it also the non commercial version. The new 22.1 version brings a Nvidia denoisier IT rendering and helps bring an even faster turnaround to the artist. You will need at minimum a Kepler based graphics card from Nvidia and a 398.89 driver for it to kick in. It will only de-noise your beauty render, If you want to check the AOV channels you can disable it.


“I’m looking forward to the XPU version down the line”

Peter Aversten

Wireframe Pattern

Now you can use the new wireframe pattern to any integrator in Renderman.

Improved Light Learning

A new light learning scheme was also added. From what I understand it will provide more of an impact in heavy scenes with a lot of lights.

Han Solo in Renderman?

No not Han Solo but pattern solo was added.

This feature is one of my favourite features in the new 22.1 version. It makes it easier to visualise non shading nodes flat shaded and makes adding masks or general tweaking of your textures and patterns more intuitive.

Crop Viewport Render

You can now crop the Maya viewport render. The viewport will by default render in what resolution you have set your monitor to so limiting the area will make it quicker.


The non commercial Renderman is something a lot of people have requested since the release of 22 before SIGGRAPH. Now its out and that’s good as more people can follow the channel. Hat off to the GPU denoisier and the solo node that I have been requesting on the Renderman forum.

New Renderman series from Meshmen studio

Meshmen studio started off a new Renderman series not long ago using Renderman 21 so I guess I have to go forward using version 22 now as it was released earlier than I thought. Make sure to sign up for the non commercial as soon as its out and we will be on our way rendering together.

See you on the channel

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Peter Aversten