Mari Live episode 30

  • Renderman 21.6 New Features
  • community paint along
  • QandA shaders
  • Project update


Renderman 21.6 New Features

Starting the stream with a quick demo of the new option inside pxrSurface that was introduced in Renderman 21.6. We have not got the option to add clear coat thickness to simulate a thicker and coloured clear coat. This was previous possible in the LM layer shading system and something I really missed from that shader. Im happy to see it incorporated into the new pixar shader again.

In today’s live stream I make a quick car paint type material with the new clear coat setting.


Principled BRDF

A question about shaders was asked in the chat. What shader do I use to preview the Renderman pxrSurface shader in Mari. Not the answer you might think. It involves the competition. Come on Foundry and Pixar you can do this. We need a better pxrSurface preview shader in Mari. I show some options in Mari 4

Community Paint Along

Once again we take a look at community paint along. The Loch ness guard droid starts to get more wear and tear as well as weld seams,

Node graph Project continues

Back to the node graph project I take a look at the rubber tires dirt mask again. Adding more breakup to the color of the dirt color and working on the metal mask to incorporate scratches that is new and have revealed both underlying paint and removed the dirt at the same time.