Meshmen Studio HDR
Peter Aversten
Editor in Chief, Lead texture artist

Meshmen Studio HDR

The last chivering moments before total chaos captured in true 16K high dynamic range. This could be the title for the HDR image but I chose just plain Meshmen Studio HDR. I captured the image before I started to throw all my gear and belongings into cardboard boxes before I moved home and office. If you have eagle eyes you can see the Cintiq Pro and the Pro Pen 3D on the table. This was the last episode released from my old London Studio. Now a good four weeks later Im almost up and running in the new Windsor Studio.

The New Studio

The studio in London was basically a guest room where I occupied a corner so every time we had guests or family visiting I had to adjust accordingly. Now in the new Windsor studio I have a dedicated room! This means I can have equipment rigged on a permanent basis, blinking led lights and disco balls (just kidding). This will make it easier for me to produce material. It’s a win win situation and I will be back with another HDR from the new studio very soon. The HDR you can download here was captured using my Nodal Ninja HDR rig and my trusted Canon 5dmk3 with my 8-15mm lens. The final stitched HDR was output in 16k from Autopano Gigga. I will make a behind the scenes video of my HDR workflow later on both here, my blog and my YouTube channel.

Now download the HDR and Render. If you like it give me a shoutout.