Meshmen HDR megapack

This Meshmen HDR megapack features 15 HDR images for rendering and most in 8k. You will find hdr images captured in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and USA. Some are related to Visual effects in some way.  Some obvious like outside MPC headquarters or the entrance to Cinesite building in Soho. now take them for a spin they are yours for less than my morning coffee, and you support my channel in the process.


To render is a way to enrich your day

The images were captured using a Nodal ninja HDR rig and my Canon 5dmk3 and the 8-15mm lens from canon. I use a promote HDR remote to bracket the images. The stitching of the HDR images was made in Autopano Gigga. I pre-merge the HDR images using Photomatix hdr software. where I take all images acquired and batch process them before the stitching process. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see an episode on my youtube channel how I create the hdr images

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Peter Aversten

Meshmen Studio Windsor | Free HDR

Loading...Welcome to the crime scene, this is where I create the material on this blog and for the youtube channel. I captured the Meshmen HQ office in HDR using a nodal ninja HDR rig and my Canon 5dmk3 using a canon 8-15mm lens. This is my normal setup and I use a...

Meshmen Studio HDR

Meshmen Studio HDR Peter Aversten Editor in Chief, Lead texture artist Meshmen Studio HDR The last chivering moments before total chaos captured in true 16K high dynamic range. This could be the title for the HDR image but I chose just plain Meshmen Studio HDR. I...