Sharing layers in Mari 3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

editor in chief
Meshmen Studios

Mari layer Sharing

Sharing layers in Mari is an important way of keeping your paint up to sync.

If you plan your channels and layers, then if sharing one layer into multiple other locations you will only have to paint in one place and be sure that the other locations are up to date.

Sharing layers is probably the closest you can come to a nodebased workflow when it comes to automation.

“I usually share a group not a layer”

Peter Aversten

Layer Sharing is powerful and there is different methods to it. I usually share groups and not layers. This gives me more fredom to change the content of what I share.

this is how I do it!

Planing your channels and layers can be a real timesaver especially if you build complex assets!

Before the Nodegraph I used prebake methods that involved have a channel dedicated to a specific effect, that I pre-baked and shared into another channel through a group. With Node graph this is now redundant. But the technique is good to know if you still are not up for the task to dive into the Graph.

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten