Mari Node Workflow and Bump setup | Live Stream

Mari Node Workflow  | Toolbars

Working in Mari with nodes, you end up using a lot of commands found under menus and right click options. You can map them using the custom toolbar found in Mari. The toolbar is a bit clumsy in the UI. I don’t think it was meant for this kind of task in the first place. I use it to mapp the most frequent used node graph commands,used in my Mari node workflow.  In future Mari versions I would like to see an extension of the custom toolbar. I would like to place it wherever I see fit . Even floating or dockable to the node graph window. Or while we are at it , why not use marking menus similar to what we have in Maya. wouldn’t this be a great addition when building node networks inside Mari?

If you want more of these functionality make sure to request them over at foundry support page

Mari Bump setup

The Live stream this time is about the setup of the initial bump channel for my material workflow used in this Live tutorial series. In the end I plan to export the textures and render them in Maya and renderman to proof that what I had in the initial Renderman pass is matching even after the textures are exported from Mari.



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