Mari Metal Mask and dirt mask | The Mari channel Live

Mari metal mask

We create a metal mask on mari this time. It’s a continuation from a previous episode. This time I dig deeper and start to add some real wear and tear all over the asset. Masks is where most of the detail is coming from when building a node based material workflow in texturing. I like to house the material with as little specific detail as long as possible. So most of the detail will come from these type of mask. The metal mask will be one of the most important masks in this project.

The dirt masks

As with the metal mask I continue with the dirt material, also featured in previous episode. This time i make a more covering texture built from axis projections, and the different baked textures such as occlusion and curvature. I keep the effect as general as possible even here as I will use masks to drive the blend against the other materials in the end.

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