Episode 04

Mari Live Stream
Meshmen’s The Mari Channel

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists
Meshmen Studios


Base material setup in the Mari nodegraph. You always have to start somewhere when texturing. I usually start with the broad strokes first. What I mean by that is, Im not focusing on any details. Its similar when I paint with oil on canvas. I like to cover as much as possible fast. I tend to build the node graph in a similar way.

In this Mari Live Stream I start by building the base structure for my materials. At the bottom I’m going to flood fill with a rough aluminium matewrial. I will then layer the materials one by one, and everything will be driven with masks.

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Peter Aversten

Todays Mari Live Stream

Todays session was productive and I got a lot of great feedback and questions. Keep up the good spirit and please add comments even after the Live stream is closed. I read them and will try an adress questions at the end of next Mari Live Stream.

Mari Live STREAM Session Summary

In this episode I covered the basic building blocks, and initial mask setup. I focused on cover rather than details, as this will come later. I also looked at the image extension pack nodes, as well as the UV manifold and the float nodes. I’m in essence recreating the Mari Tiled node, but with the option to control the repeat across a number of nodes more easily.

As its a Node Graph live tutorial, there is also some Q&A mixed here and there throughout the Stream.

See you in the next Live Mari Session from Meshmen’s The Mari Channel and if you have not already subscribed to my youtube channel make sure to do that as you will be notified when I go live the next time.

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Peter Aversten