Mari Live # 29 Gen updates and Clear coat

Today’s live stream continues where I left off on Wednesday, clear coat rendering in Maya Renderman. Later in I shift gear to Mari and I continue with the project, taking another pass on the rubber base material.
A community question came up since the last live stream and we dissect the dirt mask to see how it was made up of procedural and projected textures. I add a darker type of dirt using Megascan texture and create a additional dirt mask that also will tweak specular in the final texture. The specular will mimic a wet dirt in tight areas etc.

Window texture

I’m using a window texture as a breakup in my dirt mask and here it is on popular demand for download.

I found the texture when I was out walking my dog Naala and found a store being refurbished. The windows had the most awesome breakup texture on them, I was lucky as I had my camera with me. 



Introducing Naala

Nalla my dog was barking during the session and it’s time for her to get a proper introduction here at my channel. Say hello to my dog Naala. She is a rescue dog and she loves licking my nose. She is a bit protexctive if she hears sounds on the street but she would probably just greet an intruder with a lick on the nose if she could.