Mari Live episode 31

  • Renderman IPR check of last episodes textures
  • Project update in Node graph
  • QandA Linear in Mari
  • New community project

Episode 31

starting off with a quick look at the latest and greatest textures, Rendering in Renderman IPR session. Followed by continuing working on the metal Scratches in the metal mask and adding it into the dirt mask to reveal fresh scratches going down through paint and dirt exposing base metal. This will be one of the last texturing episodes before switching gear to the lookdev phase where we will focus on making specific textures for comp purposes as well as looking at general texture pipeline needs.

Previous episode here

Check of the progress

Taking Renderman for a spin using the IPR mode to see what my texture updates since the last live stream resulted in. The setup as of now also incorporates the ISOspec Clearcoat from a few episodes ago.

Texture updates Scratches

Working on the fresh scratches and incorporate it in areas around the asset. The scratches is shared into the other masks revealing the base metal. This is an example where a node based workflow makes it easy to choose specific texture effects and share into other masks or texture layers.

Mari linear and 16 bit vs 8 bit?

From a Mari forum question related to my colour workflow for painting diffuse and scalar textures I epplain why I choose to paint 16bit using a all Linear workflow and why I don’t trust 8 bit channels.  Yes I know it’s a boring and deep topic

New Community Project

Checking out a new community project. Tigran Stepanyan that is frequent hanging out in the live stream chat is texturing a R2 D2 model and I take a look at his textures and give some feedback. Also i take a look how the pxrSurface shader handles metal and what values it expects