Procedural layer workflows in Mari 3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in chief
Meshmen Studios

Procedural texturing workflows while using the layers stack.

Before the nodegraph was introduced I buildt procedutal texturing workflows using Groups layers and baked textures in conjunction with sharing.
In this tutorial we take a look how we can build a procedural dirt mask using a layer workflow in Mari

Before we dive into the actual procedural workflow we take a look at some of the procedural layers found in Mari

“Stay procedural as long as you can. It makes changes easier”

Peter Aversten

I tend to stay “Procedural” as long as I can. By that i mean using tiled textures. clouds noises in conjunction with masks and not texture based painting

By using this workflow you are more flexible to change direction by just altering masks instead of repainting textures.

This is how I do it!


As you can see a few tri planar and noises merged with a few blending modes can take you a long way!

Now when your asset lead comes with this crazy idea to add four arms and two heads you just smile and say

Come back in 30 minutes while you paint a few masks behind his back.

Happy Painting

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below”

Peter Aversten