How to use Graph layers in Mari 3 

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Meshmen Studios

You are a hardcore Mari layer fanatic but your texture buddy talks about all the new nodes and procedural workflows at the lunchbreak. You are to affraid to switch to the advanced node graph in the Mari preferences and you still want to try some procedural workflows while staying in your safe domain of layers!

If this is you then Mari graph layers can be the way to go.

Let me show you how to use them!

“Once you start to use nodes there is no going back”

Peter Aversten

Layering have always been the mari strong point, you can have a lot of them and you can nest masks with layers into groups etc.

The new kid on the block is the graph layer

this is how you use them!


When you started to explore the graph layer you might be tempted to go all node based!

This is a warning text use the node graph visely cause once hooked there is no looking back and you are in for a ride!

Happy Painting

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below”

Peter Aversten