How to tweak Mari preferences and GPU

Peter Aversten

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Mari GPU Preferences

The most seasoned Mari user might get lost in the preferences tab, I know I do sometimes. In this section i will try and disect some of the settings I usually tweak to get Mari to work the way I like it.

The GPU section is where you propbably will see most benefit tweaking the different settings.

In the recent Mari 3.3 update Foundry introduced a lot of updates to how mari handles the GPU that will have speed gains if your system is relatively recent and you are on the latest drivers. Make sure to reference the release notes to check this


“Tweaking the Mari Settings is cumbersome but worth it ”

Peter Aversten

You find the mari preferences in the main menu of the Mari interface

this is how you do it!

Spending extra time in the gpu tab can help performance and the settings is depending on your system setup, Unfortunate there is no settings that will work for all users. I have a decent graphics card so I tweeked the max render size for baking in the Mari GPU settings to 4096 and that can help with baking performance but as I said the settings can be individual and you have to experiment with your setup. Another setting that can help if you have a lot of GPU memory is the Virtual Texture Size and the Virtual texture depth settings found in the Mari GPU preferences.


Happy Experimenting

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Peter Aversten