Mari Gizmo creation 


Mari gizmos

You find yourself building node networks in Mari, When you think about it you often recreate the same type of networks. Mari gizmos is a way to package nodes into a combined super node. If you use  extension pack you find a few procedural dirt and breakup examples made into Gizmos. We can make our own gizmo super-tools by grouping networks and exposing the parameters we choose to make available  to the end user. In this Mari in five minutes tutorial I take a look at a very quick dirt mask example that use a baked occlusion and a curvature as a base. I break up the occlusion and curvature with axis projections and package the network into a gizmo

Exposing properties

Exposing the properties is done from the group node properties. You find a p in the top right corner of the group node properties. You get a list of all nodes within the group. You can add the properties you think make sense.

You save your own gizmos in your user directory
• Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Mari\
• Linux and Mac OS X: /home/<username>/Mari/

Now lets jump into the video tutorial.


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