Mari node filter workflow 

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists
Meshmen Studios

Until Mari have filter nodes we can mimic a nondestructive filter workflow by utilizing bake visible to selected paint node and naming the nodes

In this Video tutorial I take you through how I use filters in the nodegraph


Not ideal but it can at least give you some of what a filter node could.

“Nesting filters in a node-graph would be awesome”

Peter Aversten

Lets look into the workflow

this is how you do it!


One easy win from the foundry side would be to on the bake point add a batch filter field where you would specify what filter to apply and in what order. Yes it would be a slow solution but you would know that you repeated the filter process each time your bake point was calculated

Pretty please Foundry?..

Happy Painting.

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Peter Aversten