How to use adjustment layers and stacks in Mari 3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in chief
Meshmen Studios

Using adjustemt layers in Mari as a way to adjust the underlaying paint without the need to commit to the result, you are always free to adjust the sliders and knobs later on. 
In comparison to filters that will bake down the effect and be destructive to your painting workflow.

In mari you have the ability to mask adjustment layers and you can also use an adjustment on a single layer or adjust everything below it. Yes the possibilities are almost endless

“Adjustemt layers are powerful and non destructive ”

Peter Aversten

In this video tutorial we look at the ways you can use adjustments and stacks

this is how you do it!

Being able to quickly do changes on the fly is important in modern vfx pipelines. With adjustemt layers you can do grades and large scale edits, try out something and later on scrap it if you did not like it. Imagine if everything you did had to be baked down. It would make your life a pain

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten