Mari 4 UI
Is the future now?

Peter Aversten

Lead texture artist

Mari 4 UI

Let’s examine some of the new features in the Mari 4 UI. At a first glance it’s similar to Mari 3.3 but diving into the interface we see a lot of UI features have been reshuffled. The former top bar interface formerly three rows tall in the standard config have been slimmed down to a single UI bar and tools previously living in this area can now be found in the side bars.

“The new curve interface was a upgrade long overdue”

Peter Aversten

New features found in the UI is the Texture sets tab where we now have the option to initially load material type textures and first out is the support for Quixel Megascans Library. Is this a hint of coming features? I hope so!

Another very useful upgrade is the new and improved curve editing interface. I can remember all the times I cursed the old stamp sized interface when trying to make adjustments with precision. The new curve editor in resizeable and also dockable so yes this feature alone is a big win.

Tabs have been consolidated and another good feature is the source grade section. In this upgrade we now have better grade options similar to nuke style grading of the source material. I always felt the old one was a bit like trying to make precision work with a sledgehammer.

Mari 4 UI, pin or unpinned that is the question!

The new Mari 4 UI features a new looser interface where you can choose to either work pinned or unpinned with your tabs and I guess it’s going to be a period where we are all going to experiment with the optimal UI config. I took away all tabs immediately and went with the pop out method. I will probably also assign shortcuts to the most used ones anyway. Its a good first overhaul.

Is it perfect you ask ?

My 2 Cents

My verdict…

It’s a good upgrade with room for improvements. I would like to see even more ways to config the UI such as ways to box drag point in the curve editor and an easier way to change the order of the tools. I would like to see a hot box style UI taking inspiration from Maya and Zbrush in some aspects. I hope this is not the only upgrade we see within the UI in the future.

Now when we have a UI upgrade I would expect some focus on the elephant in the room. And that would be material based texturing in Mari.

“Good work Foundry, now let’s make material texturing available in Mari ”


The Mari 4 Series

Have you missed my other tutorials and videos? In this Mari 4 tutorial series I will look into the new workflows and features. My previous video was about the project startup procedure. I’m also planning to cover the megascan tab more in depth.

As always you can help out and request topics for future episodes and you can do that by leaving a comment in the videos