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Mari 4 Text tool

You just want to add a bit of text here and there on a spaceship and you search around in Mari for that elusive text tool that shines with the lack of its existence. Fear not! Mari Extension Pack to the rescue.

“Hat off to Jens Kafitz for the new text tool in extension pack”

Peter Aversten

10 years in the making

I have been using Mari for about 10 years now and adding text is one of those things you end up doing regularly on assets. Especially on hard surface assets. You always had to leave Mari for Photoshop or something similar to create text and bring it back into Mari. With the new extension pack plugin this will change as we can now add text directly inside Mari, We will still have to rely on a third party source but at least we don’t have to exit Mari.

Extension pack text tool

In the newly added text tool for Mari we have the usual ways of editing text and choosing fonts as well as ways to either create paint through images out of the text or use the paint buffer itself. If you want to store the text in to your image manager you have to rename the name of the current paint through image that the tool creates or it will overwrite with new text if you update the text from the window.

New Intro needs text!

Working on a new intro for the channel I needed to slap on a bit of text on a cinema style lens and as the new extension pack beta just arrived I decided to test it.
Tag along and add some text


It’s a great addition to be able to add text easily without having to exit Mari. On windows this might sound trivial but on Linux where Photoshop does not exist it’s another ballgame. So thanks Jens for making this tool for the community and if you have not seen the official documentation video I added a link here

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Peter Aversten