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Mari 4 Mirror Paint Tool

Mari 4.2 is out with one of the most requested Mari features. Mirror paint and symmetrical painting has always been problematic and time consuming in Mari. I guess it’s been a hard nut to crack as Mari is still a projection paint software. Nevertheless its out and its awesome to have this in the toolbox. I guess there will still be room for the old way of planning the UV layout and copy patches from one side to the other for special occasions. I know this feature will make my painting a lot faster, so a big high five to the Mari team, You did it!

“Hat off to the Mari team for the implementation of the new Mirror tool”

Peter Aversten

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

The mirror tool is found under the main side bar and in the painting tab. You can mirror across the X,Y and Z axis as well use a locator for a custom mirror plane.

Masking Your Paint

You have options to use either dynamic, positive or negative masking modes The dynamic will mask depending on the viewing direction of your mirror plane. Sometimes when working on the inside of features or close to the mirror plane you might have to switch the mirror masking to either positive or negative of the mirror plane axis. This is to prevent the masking from being on the same side as you are trying to paint. Most of the time the dynamic mode will work just fine.

Custom Mirror Plane

There is an option to add a custom mirror plane in the form of a locator that you can choose to mirror your paint across instead of the default that is centred from the scene in Mari.

Now let’s take a quick look at the tool in action!


The Mari mirror paint tool was one of the most requested features on the Mari community forum and I’m happy that Foundry made a robust tool out of the development effort. I’m looking forward to using it on my next project. It will save a lot of time to be able to paint in symmetry without all overhead of the old copy paint between patches.

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Peter Aversten