Tour of the User Interface in Mari 

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in chief
Meshmen Studios

You just started a brand new project in Mari and you are instantly thrown into tabs, sliders and tools. At a first glance you might be overwhelmed and want to duck for cover.

Let’s overcome that feeling and explore the user interface a bit together.


“Make sure to plan your uv layout. It can save hours in the end.”

Peter Aversten

As in learning any program its helpful to just skim the surface a bit before diving deeper into details.

Lets get into it!


The default user interface

Here we see tabs tools and menus. There is room to configure the interface in the way you like it.

The main are that takes moste reelestate is the actual paint buffer where you will spend time making the assets beautiful wile painting.

Top left of the interface holds all menus and you can also find most or all of the content inside the menus in the tabs and tool panels through out the Mari interface.

There is rows of tool and selection related buttons and icons under the menus

On the left side of the Paintbuffer you see the tool palette holding brushes, paint through tool deforming paint etc.


The Right side of the original interface is populated by tabs that you can shuggle around and dock in other locations.

Here you will find channels, layers shelf color and a few other tabs.


I usually scrap the initial user interface as I feel its a bit to cluttered. I encourage you to take the tabs dock them in the interface to see what happens. You can always get tabs back by righ clicking in the top grey area

Right clicking in an empty space at the top of the interface brings a meny of all tabs available to access inside Mari so dont be afraid to hide tabs while working. You can always get them back.

When in doubt, Use righ click you will find almost everything from the menus in the tab field when right clicking.



Dont be affraid to mess with the User Interface, you can always reset it back to the default by going into the view menu and choose the default layout

Happy Painting

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below”

Peter Aversten