How to use objects in Mari

Peter Aversten

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Starting a project in mari you have to load a object but there is more to objects then the initial load. You can version objects and Subdivide them.

If you use alembic objects you can use creases and open Subdivision

In this two part video tutorial I look at different workflows for handling objects in Mari

“Using object versions in Mari is easy”

Peter Aversten

Alembic or OBJ? or do you like FBX?

this is how you do it!

Planing your UV layout can save a lot of time in texturing when you want to mirror paint. Another optimization is to plan where you actually place the UVs.
I have started to use a method to place UVs by material as much as I can. Another tip is to place the UVs according to directionality.

More on this in another tutorial!

Happy Painting

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