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Renderman, lookdev. Texturing in Mari. HDR and VFX. We give back to the community. We are here for you!

Cinemtography, VFX

Meshmen have always been inspired by movies and the culture surrounded by it. We discus what’s new and trending.

Reviews and Gear

Cinemtography and VFX is a tech heavy industry. We review gear and tech that is needed to get the job done!

VFX Youtube

Meshmen Studio over at youtube a friendly place where we hang out and discuss VFX texturing cinemtography and gear

welcome to

Welcome to our new site, The place for Visual Effects,Cinematography and CGI. You will also find gear and tech reviews related to these subjects on this site and the YouTube channel that accomapny this blog with Video tutorials , gear reviews, interviews and behind the scenes material from the visual effect industry

The Meshmen History

Every story have a beginning. This is our story from a small town in the middle of Sweden to one of the most buzzing Cities in the world without loosing the focus on you. is here to support the VFX and Cinetography community with tutorials, reviews and news. You will also see short movies produced from time to time.

But first let us take you back to the our roots in early 1990. The dawn of internet as we know it, two friends Peter Aversten and Fredrik Fogelqvist working at the same place doing advanced Photo retouch in Photoshop. both with a deep pasion for art and technology lifestyle they formed the duo “The Meshmen”.

The beginnings

It all started in Örebro, Sweden.

Meshmen was founded in the mid ninties by Peter Aversten and Fredrik Fogelqvist while working together at a print shop called Lith system doing advanced retouch work for ad agencies in the Örebro area. The Meshmen collumn could be found in the Graphics design and computer art magazine Mac art & design that was later re named to EFX art & design. In the early ages of the internet was started and housed collumns All Meshed UP with daily 3d projects created with the program Bryce , also 3d Junkyard with really bad and messed up mistakes from the previous collumn. It was all about being non judgemental when creating the images and it had to take max an hour on the lunchbreak including time for actual eating! Later the site was expanded with the collumn digital dudes.

meshmen on the move

Now early 2000 Fredrik and Peter did a move to Stockholm for work and studies. Fredrik moved to Lithsystem now re branded to db-Grafiska to continue with advanced image editing and Peter persued a new career within Visual effects and animation. Starting a two year course within Film and Animation. Both Fredrik and Peter contniued to write for the Magazine untill it was discontinued around 2005. In 2013 Peter startes the blog as The Mari Channel to support the texturing community with learning materials

going international

Peter Aversten moves to London 2013 to work on international movies such as X-men, Hercules, The Revanent, Captain America, Antman and a lot more. Peter continues blogging around Texturing in Mari and started the Youtube channel Meshmen Studio to house material from the Meshmen and The mari channel collumn found on this site. Now 2017 the blog will expand and cover topics in Lookdevelopment , gear reviews and interviews with people from the visual effects community

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