Unboxing the F&V K4000s led light

Peter Aversten

Meshmen Blogger and Lead Texture artist

F&V K4000s Led Light Unboxing

Recording material for Meshmen blog and Youtube channel require lights!

After trying a couple of cheap light alternatives that just gave me an headache, while assembly. The fact that the lights felt very fragile I decided to go to the next level. I ordered a couple of led lights from F&V.

The K4000s bi colour lights got my attention. They can change from tungsten to daylight temperature

“I often go over the top when it comes to quality, It’s worth it in the end”

Peter Aversten

F&V K4000s

One feature that caught my attention before triggering the add to cart button, was the fact that the lights could be run on Vmount batteries. This is ideal for my shooting needs. I sometimes put the lights in confined places, or I’m doing run and gun type of filming.

One day I might clamp it above my desk using a superclamp to shoot something on the table, or when I make my live streams. A power cable running up to the light overhead would ruin the shot.

The next day I might use a powered solution where I put the light on a C-stand. I have the freedom to choose power solution. Until now I have not run out of battery while shooting as the light does seem to be quite power efficient.

What is inside the box

The package comes with the light itself, a vmount adapter to use with the supplied power leads. There is a diffusor you can put in front of the light. You also got four ofsett pinns for the diffusor, and a couple of extra fuses for the light.

build quality

As i said before i tried a cheeper brand and when I wanted to udjust them the connection points to my light stands was to weak. The F&V k4000s Led Light feels sturdy and reliable


“The VMount was a deal breaker!
It keeps me do run and gun videos”

Peter Aversten

F&V K4000s Led Light

  • 400 leds  3200-5600kelvin
  • V-mount or Ac adapter
  • Milk white diffusor
  • Variable dimmer

Get your k4000s here