The bake point node in Mari

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

Editor in Chief
Meshmen Studios

Procedural texturing needs a way to pre bake and offload portions of a node network, the bake point node does just that.

I use the bake point node the way I made really complex layer based workflows back in the day before the nodegraph. I used to make working channels that i later baked down and used in another channel but merged to take away the overhead of having complex procedural or layer based texturing live.

“Bake point mimics the way I used to do pre bakes but without the fuzz and overhead”

Peter Aversten

to build complex node based scripts in Mari and still maintain interactivity you can use Bake point node inserted somewhere in the node chain and cache to input to the node. By doing this everything above the node will be disregarded and the node itself is just a single paint node. This is whay I did back in the days before the nodegraph with the prebake channels i mentioned above.


The good thing about the bake point node is that it have the feature to become dirty if you alter something in the nodechain above it, you know this because it becomes red. When the node is green you know that you are all set and good to go.

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten