Mirror paint and UV strategies in Mari 3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists

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Mirror paint might seem like a trivial thing to do in some texture packages. In mari its not as easy as you might think as the trade of to be able to paint on huge assets when it comes to the shere amount of UDIMs and texture resolution, is the fact that Mari is a paintbuffer texture package. This has its strength and weakneses!

“Make sure to plan your uv layout. It can save hours in the end.”

Peter Aversten

To be able to mirror your painting efforts on a symetrical model we can however use the UV and the UDIM layout to copy the paint from one side to the other

this is how you do it!

The model is the trusted old Gatling droid seen in numerous tutorials before.

Lets Examin the uv layout!

As you can see from the UV layout example screencaptured from Maya I have Flipped the Geometry from one side to the other to be able to quickly copy and paste patches inside Mari.

You can see that one side is reversed on the colour coding inside the Maya UV editor. There is no problem to render the geometry if you also reverse the normals on the mirrored side.

Planing your UV layout can save a lot of time in texturing when you want to mirror paint. Another optimization is to plan where you actually place the UVs.
I have started to use a method to place UVs by material as much as I can. Another tip is to place the UVs according to directionality.

More on this in another tutorial!

Happy Painting

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Peter Aversten