Using the Modo tab in Mari 3

Peter Aversten

Lead Texture Artists
Meshmen Studios

Baking textures such as Occlusion, curvature and other geometry related textures have become the backbone in a modern VFX and game texturing pipeline!

Mari have the option to bake textures through the modo tab, “hey you can even render” but i found it to slow to bake the channel and then fire your  modo renderer.

I only use the modo tab for baking nowadays.

“Prepare for a lot of coffe while you bake curvature from the modo bake tab”

Peter Aversten

lets look into how to bake occlusion and other type of effects for your procedural texturing needs.

this is how you do it!

Yes i know baking textures out from Mari modo is slow and I really hope this will be worked on in the future.

If mari are going to compete in the material based texturing arena, textures such as Occlusion, thickness and curvature is important and speed is of the essence here.

I like coffe but I dont want to drink it all day while waiting for a bake to complete!

Happy baking!

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below”

Peter Aversten

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Peter Aversten Blogger and Lead Texture Artist. Started to write the collumn meshmen in the magazine EFX art & design in the mid 90s. From 2000 and onwards persuaded a career in Visual effects as a generalist then later on focused on texturing and lookdevelopment.

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