The Metal Mask Mari Live node graph tutorial

We now look at the basic structure in the mari node graph. I often just dig in and experiment when starting a project. Keeping it loose is my mantra. Having a structure is also important when you build something using nodes. In this Mari Live session I focus on the basic building blocks of the metal mask channel that i will use as a general breakup mask further down the road.

make sure to check out my other Node graph tutorials if you are nbew to it, the project will lead up to a in depth offline tutorial when it’s complete.

In this episode I focus if building the foundation for the Metal Mask using axis projection , curvature and ambient occlusion masking. I also add general ISO masks for different part of the object. I will later use these masks to dictate material regions in the node graph.

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Peter Aversten Blogger and Lead Texture Artist. Started to write the collumn meshmen in the magazine EFX art & design in the mid 90s. From 2000 and onwards persuaded a career in Visual effects as a generalist then later on focused on texturing and lookdevelopment.

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