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Mari Layer and Mask tutorial

Masking paint in Mari is an important technique to master, what would photoshop be without its layer maks?

I know the answer what photoshop was without layer maks. It was a pain!


I like to think of texturing using a global material based workflow, where your masks dictate where one effect ends and the other begins.

By using masks in Mari you can quickly add or subtract without the need to make new paint. Similar to how I back in the days used layer masks in photoshop. I use a flood fill method making my texturing global and use the Layer Masks and even use the masks stack to group masks together to get a more advanced effect in the end


“Mask stacks is really powerfull way to masks”

Peter Aversten

Using the Mari masks and even using groups inside a mask stack is a powerful way of masking only rivaled by Mari’s new node based way of working

In the Video tutorial below I show you how to use the Mari masks and groups and this is how you do it!


As you can see nesting layers within Masks and Groups is a powerful way of handling layer based texturing in Mari, it can almost rival the node based texturing we now can use in Mari 3


Happy Painting

“Want me to cover something specific? Leave your comments below”

Peter Aversten

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Peter Aversten Blogger and Lead Texture Artist. Started to write the collumn meshmen in the magazine EFX art & design in the mid 90s. From 2000 and onwards persuaded a career in Visual effects as a generalist then later on focused on texturing and lookdevelopment.

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