Month: December 2017

Wacom Pro Unboxing | Cintiq | Intuos | and Wacom Pro Pen 3d

PETER AVERSTEN Editor in chief | Lead texture artist Wacom Pro Unboxings A new Pen, the Wacom Pro Pen 3d is out! I’m a long time user of wacom products, I still remember the first time I started to use wacom pens as a retouch artist back in Sweden. This was early nineties and I worked in Photoshop 2.5 or 3. I remember that layers was not still invented. Now fast forward to soon 2018 and I moved country and Industry, however Wacom is still in my life. Nowadays I work as Lead texture artists for some of the...

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Things from the flood and the loop | Simon Stålenhag Books

MARCH, 2016 The Coffe table Books Inspiration Things from the flood amazon Simon Stålenhag | Things from the flood Things From the Flood is an illustrated book by Simon Stålenhag that I really connect with. It reminds me of Sweden but with a surreal Sci-Fi fictious future past. In this new series here at The Meshmen Blog I will flick through some of my favourite inspirational books, have a cup of coffee and share a recipe that goes with the mood or the season. Source of inspiration Reading the book Things From The Flood by Simon Stålenhag in a...

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Mari 4 Megascans | Material based texturing in Mari pt 2

Mari 4 Megascans Mari texture sets  Peter Aversten Lead texture artist Mari 4 Megascans Mari 4 now has the option to load texture sets, also known as material scans. Quixel Megascans is the first material library to be supported. I hope this is a sign of where The Foundry is heading. Material based texturing workflows is the way forward. In the future I can see a lot of texturing tasks becoming standardized. We may have known materials already set up and tested in Lookdev. This is not where we are at the moment but I hope we will get...

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