Month: November 2017

Mari Live stream | #29 | Gen updates and Renderman clear coat

Mari Live # 29 Gen updates and Clear coat Today’s live stream continues where I left off on Wednesday, clear coat rendering in Maya Renderman. Later in I shift gear to Mari and I continue with the project, taking another pass on the rubber base material. A community question came up since the last live stream and we dissect the dirt mask to see how it was made up of procedural and projected textures. I add a darker type of dirt using Megascan texture and create a additional dirt mask that also will tweak specular in the final texture....

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Mari Live | Clear coat pt2

Mari Live Clear Coat # 28 Clear coat ISO creation. I continue where i left of in the last live stream working on the clear coat ISO in Mari. I make a general breakup mask from a few tiled textures. Then i add more painted material and breakup with ambient occlusion and curvature as well as a few cloud noises. Community From the community we look at a paint along project and there is a nessie hiding in the version .  ...

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