Month: November 2017

Manfrotto N8 and Spectra 2 unboxing

PETER AVERSTEN Editor in chief | Lead texture artist Manfrotto N8 nitro head I bought a Manfrotto N8 Nitro Fluid tripod head for the Meshmen blog and Youtube channel. I ended up with a Spectra 2 led light in compensation for the trouble caused in the manufacturing. I always regarded manfrotto the go to provider for quality camera gear whether it’s for tripods, light stands, grips or camera bags. I have owned numerous products of theirs and I was looking forward to investing in a new fluid tripod head. My old camera head was not cutting it when I...

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Mari Live #31 | Node graph continued | Community contributions

Mari Live episode 31 Renderman IPR check of last episodes textures Project update in Node graph QandA Linear in Mari New community project Episode 31 starting off with a quick look at the latest and greatest textures, Rendering in Renderman IPR session. Followed by continuing working on the metal Scratches in the metal mask and adding it into the dirt mask to reveal fresh scratches going down through paint and dirt exposing base metal. This will be one of the last texturing episodes before switching gear to the lookdev phase where we will focus on making specific textures for...

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Mari 4 UI | What is new in Mari 4 | Mari user interface tutorial

Mari 4 UI Is the future now? Peter Aversten Lead texture artist Mari 4 UI Let’s examine some of the new features in the Mari 4 UI. At a first glance it’s similar to Mari 3.3 but diving into the interface we see a lot of UI features have been reshuffled. The former top bar interface formerly three rows tall in the standard config have been slimmed down to a single UI bar and tools previously living in this area can now be found in the side bars. “The new curve interface was a upgrade long overdue” Peter Aversten New...

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Mari Live #30 | Renderman 21.6 new features | Mari node graph dirt update

Mari Live episode 30 Renderman 21.6 New Features community paint along QandA shaders Project update   Renderman 21.6 New Features Starting the stream with a quick demo of the new option inside pxrSurface that was introduced in Renderman 21.6. We have not got the option to add clear coat thickness to simulate a thicker and coloured clear coat. This was previous possible in the LM layer shading system and something I really missed from that shader. Im happy to see it incorporated into the new pixar shader again. In today’s live stream I make a quick car paint type...

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