Month: October 2017

What is new in Mari 4 | Project setup

What is new in Mari 4 | New project setup Peter Aversten editor in chief FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Mari 4 new project window Mari 4 has a new and consolidated project setup procedure. The new window combines geometry channel and shader and light setup in one go. You can essentially just paint away once your project is created, in theory at least . The new interface in Mari Once you hit the “new” button down in the left hand corner you are greeted by the new project window with four main new tabs Geometry tab The geometry tab has the same...

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Mari Live | ep25 | Wear and tear contiued

Mari Live episode 25 Episode 25 of this live session we take a look of last wednesday’s textures rendered on the asset. Looking at the result I decide to grade down the dirt material in saturation and to counter with a slight rebalance. Then it’s off to continuing the metal mask as well as updates to oil disp and the Dirt masks. I add another layer of breakup to the dirt mask, like the asset been slightly scratched on the dust and blotches but not cutting trough the paint. News section The new extension pack for mari was released...

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Stupid Mari tricks | The disco

Stupid Mari tricks | The disco I have been in many VFX facilities. Often I sit next to people with a lot of cool stuff on their desks such as action figures, anatomical studies and skeletons. You also find lava lamps and other things that inspire your fantasy. Friday around 17:00 is known as beer o’clock in the VFX industry. If you don’t have any gadgets and still want to impress your peers, follow along in this short movie where I will give you as a Texture Artist a super trick. By following my steps you can instantly convert...

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Mari Live EP24 | Wear and tear

Mari Live episode 24 In this episode I continue working on the Mari node based project. The metal mask is back in focus and the asset gets another pass of fine dents and scratches. We take a look at a script that Rory posted on the mari forum that can help if you have camera related issues in Mari. Link to the forum page here In the coming Live stream on Sunday I will export the state of today’s textures and do a offline render before continuing with the project. See you on the...

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meshmen channel trailer

New Meshmen channel trailer is out Meshmen youtube channel trailer is out, feel free to share and support my channel. This way I can continue to make material for the VFX community and you. See you on the...

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