Month: September 2017

Mari Live tutorial | Wheel and rubber material | episode 12

Mari Live tutorial | Rubber material Lets examine the rubber material found on the wheels in the asset we use for  the Mari Live stream sessions. I build the material using a combination of axis projections and other procedural techniques. The node graph is the place to be in this live stream session and it builds from where we left off in the last episode. make sure to check out my other Node graph tutorials if you are new to it, the project will lead up to a in depth offline tutorial when it’s complete. Rubber Material I try...

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Mari live stream node workflows | node graph and decals

Mari LIVE Node WorkflowS | decals in Mari 3.3 Mari Live Node Workflows  | Decal session In today’s episode I introduce the decals using a material based Node graph setup in Mari 3.3. In previous sessions I have setup the base metal painted metal and various masks. Todays live stream build upon the same workflow with regions that is masked to achieve the final result. Mari tips Some tips from today’s live stream. Someone asked about why metal looked washed out when painted in mari and mine did not. Its all about the albedo or diffuse. I have seen...

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