Month: August 2017

Renderman XPU rendering is coming

The dawn of XPU rendering Peter Aversten Editor in chief meshmen studio Renderman XPU rendering a love story? We had our first date in the early 2000s and for a number of years we saw each other on and off going for date nights but nothing serious happened. I was attracted as we had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects. Then one day in 2007 I decided to make a move and offered my hand in marriage and I bought my first Renderman license. Everything seemed like roses for a while but then clouds appeared...

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Mari metal mask and dirt layer live stream

Mari Metal Mask and dirt mask | The Mari channel Live Mari metal mask We create a metal mask on mari this time. It’s a continuation from a previous episode. This time I dig deeper and start to add some real wear and tear all over the asset. Masks is where most of the detail is coming from when building a node based material workflow in texturing. I like to house the material with as little specific detail as long as possible. So most of the detail will come from these type of mask. The metal mask will be...

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Bump setup and Mari Node Workflow

Mari Node Workflow and Bump setup | Live Stream Mari Node Workflow  | Toolbars Working in Mari with nodes, you end up using a lot of commands found under menus and right click options. You can map them using the custom toolbar found in Mari. The toolbar is a bit clumsy in the UI. I don’t think it was meant for this kind of task in the first place. I use it to mapp the most frequent used node graph commands,used in my Mari node workflow.  In future Mari versions I would like to see an extension of the...

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