Month: July 2017

Renderman to Mari material setup | Meshmen Studio

Renderman to Mari Live stream In this Renderman to Mari tutorial, I take a look at transferring material properties from the Renderman pxrSurface shaders into Mari. I use the previous material lookdev values as the base for my Node based material setup. By building material regions and Isolation masks I can mirror the material setup I developed in Maya.     Something about ISO masks Mask, ISO, AOV! There is a lot of terms regarding this subject. One thing is for sure, A texture artist will most certainly have to paint masks to use in look development. I tend...

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Mari Live Node Graph | Metal mask introduction

The Metal Mask Mari Live node graph tutorial We now look at the basic structure in the mari node graph. I often just dig in and experiment when starting a project. Keeping it loose is my mantra. Having a structure is also important when you build something using nodes. In this Mari Live session I focus on the basic building blocks of the metal mask channel that i will use as a general breakup mask further down the road. make sure to check out my other Node graph tutorials if you are nbew to it, the project will lead...

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Mari Live Stream | Base material setup in Mari node graph

Episode 04 Mari Live Stream Meshmen’s The Mari Channel Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Blogger Meshmen Studios mARI lIVE STREAM Base materIAL SETUP Base material setup in the Mari nodegraph. You always have to start somewhere when texturing. I usually start with the broad strokes first. What I mean by that is, Im not focusing on any details. Its similar when I paint with oil on canvas. I like to cover as much as possible fast. I tend to build the node graph in a similar way. In this Mari Live Stream I start by building the base structure...

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Meshmen live | OBS studio tweaking and Mari Nodegraph

Episode 01 Mari Live Painting Meshmen Live Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Blogger Meshmen Studios Mari Live Painting Meshmen Live : (EP02)   Welcome to first episode of Mari live painting sessions that will be broadcasted on the Youtube Live stream and later available for offline viewing either here on on the youtube channel. In this Mari Live Painting session I start off by building the skeleton nodegraph layout for the different masks I will later use in the project. I also setup radio nodes and bake point nodes for cache and sharing inside the project From here on...

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Mari radio node system | Tales from beyond

MARI TALES FROM OUTER SPACE Tales From Beyond Future Ideas Mari Radio Node system In this tales from beyond episode I take a look at how a node node sharing workflow, could function in a future Mari version. At least this is how I envision it. Now lets get out into deep space together. Ever since the early days, we have transmitted radio waves out into deep space. One day green aliens with intelligence might pick up the remnants of our civilisation. By the time this happens mankind will most certainly be extinct. How will this tie into texturing...

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