Month: June 2017

F&V K4000s Led Light Unboxing

Unboxing the F&V K4000s led light Peter Aversten Meshmen Blogger and Lead Texture artist F&V K4000s Led Light Unboxing Recording material for Meshmen blog and Youtube channel require lights! After trying a couple of cheap light alternatives that just gave me an headache, while assembly. The fact that the lights felt very fragile I decided to go to the next level. I ordered a couple of led lights from F&V. The K4000s bi colour lights got my attention. They can change from tungsten to daylight temperature “I often go over the top when it comes to quality, It’s worth it...

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Bake Point Node

The bake point node in Mari Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in ChiefMeshmen Studios Procedural texturing needs a way to pre bake and offload portions of a node network, the bake point node does just that. I use the bake point node the way I made really complex layer based workflows back in the day before the nodegraph. I used to make working channels that i later baked down and used in another channel but merged to take away the overhead of having complex procedural or layer based texturing live. “Bake point mimics the way I used to...

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How to use Objects in Mari 3

How to use objects in Mari Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in ChiefMeshmen Studios Starting a project in mari you have to load a object but there is more to objects then the initial load. You can version objects and Subdivide them. If you use alembic objects you can use creases and open Subdivision In this two part video tutorial I look at different workflows for handling objects in Mari “Using object versions in Mari is easy” Peter Aversten Alembic or OBJ? or do you like FBX? this is how you do it! Planing your UV layout can...

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Mari UI introduction

Tour of the User Interface in Mari  Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chiefMeshmen Studios You just started a brand new project in Mari and you are instantly thrown into tabs, sliders and tools. At a first glance you might be overwhelmed and want to duck for cover. Let’s overcome that feeling and explore the user interface a bit together.   “Make sure to plan your uv layout. It can save hours in the end.” Peter Aversten As in learning any program its helpful to just skim the surface a bit before diving deeper into details. Lets get...

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