Month: June 2017

Mari Graph layers

How to use Graph layers in Mari 3  Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists BloggerMeshmen Studios You are a hardcore Mari layer fanatic but your texture buddy talks about all the new nodes and procedural workflows at the lunchbreak. You are to affraid to switch to the advanced node graph in the Mari preferences and you still want to try some procedural workflows while staying in your safe domain of layers! If this is you then Mari graph layers can be the way to go. Let me show you how to use them! “Once you start to use nodes there...

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Mari Layers | Procedural texturing

Procedural layer workflows in Mari 3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chiefMeshmen Studios Procedural texturing workflows while using the layers stack. Before the nodegraph was introduced I buildt procedutal texturing workflows using Groups layers and baked textures in conjunction with sharing.In this tutorial we take a look how we can build a procedural dirt mask using a layer workflow in Mari Before we dive into the actual procedural workflow we take a look at some of the procedural layers found in Mari “Stay procedural as long as you can. It makes changes easier” Peter Aversten I tend...

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Mari Adjustment layers and Mask stacks

How to use adjustment layers and stacks in Mari 3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chief Meshmen Studios Using adjustemt layers in Mari as a way to adjust the underlaying paint without the need to commit to the result, you are always free to adjust the sliders and knobs later on. In comparison to filters that will bake down the effect and be destructive to your painting workflow. In mari you have the ability to mask adjustment layers and you can also use an adjustment on a single layer or adjust everything below it. Yes the possibilities are...

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Mari layers | Groups and Masks

How to use groups and masks in Mari Meshmen Studio : The Mari Channel Video tutorial Mari Masking Tutorial Mari Layer Tutorial Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in Chief Meshmen Studios   Mari Layer and Mask tutorial Masking paint in Mari is an important technique to master, what would photoshop be without its layer maks? I know the answer what photoshop was without layer maks. It was a pain!   I like to think of texturing using a global material based workflow, where your masks dictate where one effect ends and the other begins. By using masks in Mari...

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Mari layers | Procedural vs Paintable

Procedural VS Paintable layers in Mari Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chief Meshmen Studios In this tutorial we examine procedural vs paintable layers in Mari 3. Procedural layers has its strengths but also its shortcomings. The procudrals is used a to do general effects such as large scale noises textural breakups in the form of Tri planar projections. If you want to paint something specific on your model you have to switch to the paintable layers. “I use procedural techniques as long as I can” Peter Aversten Procedural textures is a great way to do general large scale...

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