Month: June 2017

Mari Modo bake workflow |

Using the Modo tab in Mari 3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Blogger Meshmen Studios Baking textures such as Occlusion, curvature and other geometry related textures have become the backbone in a modern VFX and game texturing pipeline! Mari have the option to bake textures through the modo tab, “hey you can even render” but i found it to slow to bake the channel and then fire your  modo renderer. I only use the modo tab for baking nowadays. “Prepare for a lot of coffe while you bake curvature from the modo bake tab” Peter Aversten lets look into...

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Mari brush editor | make your own brush

Create your own brushes in Mari 3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chiefMeshmen Studios Creating your own brushes or editing already existing ones In this tutorial we take a look on some of the settings you may want to alter when you create a brush and how to save them into your own brush palette “Make your own brushes for that personal touch” Peter Aversten To make your own custom brush is not that difficult this is how you do it! Its not that hard to make changes or make a new brush. As you can see the...

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Mari Node Graph | Procedural texturing

Mari Node graph procedural texturing Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in Chief Meshmen Studios Procedural Texturing in Mari The node graph is the future, but as all node based tools there is always a trade of when it makes sense to use it. If all you do is to paint a mask or two them the node graph is probably overkill and not for you. However if you plan to make an easy to update asset that use masks to dictate materials and regions and updating them all in one go then the Node Graph is a crucial part...

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Shaders in Mari | HDR shading

How to use Mari Shaders Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chiefMeshmen Studios I use shaders in Mari as a preview for roughness and specular effects, you have a few to choose from both offline and realtime shading but I always ground my values in offline rendering checking my asset against a real rendering as you cant use real reflection and shadows in Mari. Its the limitation that everything is GPU for good or bad. The good side, Its fast on the GPU. “Shaders are a way to preview in Mari, but dont trust them blindly” Peter Aversten...

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Mari Paint through tool and deforming paint

Mari Paint Through Tool and deforming Paint Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chiefMeshmen Studios Being able to paint through textures is what the Paint through tool is all about. Its like having a magic sheet of invisible canvas wherever you want it to appear. It can give a sense of extra detail and to your paint job without going the extra mile “Having a good library of tiled textures when using the tool is awesome!” Peter Aversten draging an image into your paintbuffer automagically converts it into the paint through tool lets explore the tool! I usually...

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