Month: June 2017

Mari rig upgrade | Aorus 1080 TI Extreme | Unboxing install

Mari rig upgrade Aorus 1080 ti extreme Peter Aversten Lead Texture artist Editor in Chief Meshmen Studio Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti extreme upgrade After a couple of years involved in heavy Mari texturing use. My texturing rig even endured a move from Stockholm to London.  The time had now come to do the inevitable, I needed a new texture machine. I turned to the new Aorus 1080 Ti extreme graphics card! I thought it could help with the punch needed for advancved texturing work in Mari. Let the right card in Mid 2016 I bought a new system here in...

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Preferences in Mari

How to tweak Mari preferences and GPU Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Blogger Meshmen Studios Mari GPU Preferences The most seasoned Mari user might get lost in the preferences tab, I know I do sometimes. In this section i will try and disect some of the settings I usually tweak to get Mari to work the way I like it. The GPU section is where you propbably will see most benefit tweaking the different settings. In the recent Mari 3.3 update Foundry introduced a lot of updates to how mari handles the GPU that will have speed gains if...

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Mari filters | Non destructive node filters

Mari node filter workflow  Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Blogger Meshmen Studios Until Mari have filter nodes we can mimic a nondestructive filter workflow by utilizing bake visible to selected paint node and naming the nodes In this Video tutorial I take you through how I use filters in the nodegraph   Not ideal but it can at least give you some of what a filter node could. “Nesting filters in a node-graph would be awesome” Peter Aversten Lets look into the workflow this is how you do it!   One easy win from the foundry side would be...

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The Projectors tab in Mari | Camera projections

Mari Projectors and Turntables in Mari3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists Editor in chief Meshmen Studios Mari is all about projections as it a paintbuffer texturing program. In this tutorial we will examine the Projectors tab in Mari. This is the place where you will import cameras from outside Mari. Maybe you are making a digi double and already have lined up cameras from a photoshoot You can also use the projectors tab to store camera locations for easy acess later on. Or if you want to paint in photoshop and bring back into Mari to reproject text decals...

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Mari sharing layers workflow

Sharing layers in Mari 3 Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artists editor in chief Meshmen Studios Mari layer Sharing Sharing layers in Mari is an important way of keeping your paint up to sync. If you plan your channels and layers, then if sharing one layer into multiple other locations you will only have to paint in one place and be sure that the other locations are up to date. Sharing layers is probably the closest you can come to a nodebased workflow when it comes to automation. “I usually share a group not a layer” Peter Aversten Layer Sharing is powerful...

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